AMIR Course

The AMIR test is a test which helps universities to classify the English level of students applying for admission. Applicants who did not take the Psychometric exam should check with the universities they are applying for if they need to take this test.

The content of the Amir Test is identical to the English section in the Psychometric exam which consists of Restatements, Sentence Completion and Reading Comprehension sections.

The same test is available on computer (no computer skills needed) and is called AMIRAM.

We have several Amir Courses running at any one time. Our Amir Course is carefully prepared by teachers with experience teaching the Amir Course.

The Amir Test is made up of three sections. Restatements, Sentence Completion and Reading Comprehension.

The Sentence Completion portion of the Amir Test measures the ability to understand and use a wide vocabulary in a certain context.

The Restatement section of the Amir Test measures the ability to understand English and to recognize complex sentences phrased different ways.

The Reading Comprehension section of the Amir Test measures the ability to understand short passages taken from various academic fields, with the use of a number of questions about each passage.

In the Restatement and Sentence Completion portions of the test, the questions are presented by difficulty level with the easiest questions coming first.

In our Amir Course you will learn to recognize the different types of question that are presented in the test and you will be taught methods to answer these questions. During the Amir course, you will receive examples and explanations, and a large number of practice exams to prepare yourself at home, with the same types of questions as will appear on the actual test.

Because the Amir test primarily checks control of the language, which you can’t learn in a short number of weeks, but rather over the course of time, it is necessary to prepare for the test in an intensive and focused course in the weeks before the exam. Only the American School’s Amir course offers you the most effective and most superior Amir course for preparation for the Amir exam

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