Each student takes a placement test to see which level out of ten possible levels they belong to. This ensures that all of the students in the course are in the same level.

English courses in our school are held in small groups, enabling personal attention and focus on the individual difficulties of each and every student. There is a special emphasis in English courses on developing verbal capacity and English conversation skills.

During the course, the student develops more fluent communication skills with the help of the American technique. The student also develops skills to allow them to better cope with reading and writing in English.

In addition to the weekly group lessons we have English Speaking sessions. These sessions are not mandatory, however they are very useful for improving students’ speaking skills, raising their confidence and letting them have additional practice in a free and relaxed environment. Each English Session has its own subject and the vocabulary is always varied.

The students meet with a guidance counselor throughout their course studies. The counselor hears their complaints, wants and needs to the fullest and acts on it. The counselors follow their progress and help them with anything they need concerning their English course, including additional questions about the language itself.

The American School specializes in courses for businesses, at flexible times convenient to you, either in the vicinity of your company’s office or in the educational environment of our school. Our courses are developed to suit the specific needs of your company.

The American School’s exclusive technique caters to your company’s every need. The syllabus is constructed specifically for your company. After our guidance counselors, experts in the business market, have examined your company´s needs, lessons are comprised according to the specifications given by your company.

We have teachers who specialize in many different areas and understand your requirements and desires as a business

We at the American School for English Studies put a special emphasis on our teachers. Only here will you find teachers who are American, academics, native English speakers, and all have extensive experience teaching English in Israel and abroad.

Our teaching staff is chosen meticulously out of a wide range of candidates and is required to go through rigorous training before they start teaching in the school. In addition to their experience and training, our teachers periodically take part in special courses in the instruction centers of the American School in order to reach the highest possible level for our customers.

The American School recruits the best teachers from English schools across the country to insure that the teachers teaching you are the best available.

Students studying in the American School meet with our guidance counselors, who check up on their progress, and whose duty is to make sure the students get the most they can possibly get out of the implements the school puts at their disposal. The guidance counselors also help the students with any questions they have, outside of the classes and English Sessions.

In addition to the books provided by the school during the course, each student gets an interactive homework kit, for use with the internet.

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